The Fate of World T20 and IPL 2020


This year’s ICC T20 World Cup was scheduled on October-November, but things have changed since Covid-19 Pandemic. Cricket Australia (CA) has faced financial crisis as they had invested in stock market which led to a huge loss for the cricket board. These investments have been hit severely by market downturns.

The postponement of bilateral series in the calendar year has also led to huge losses for the broadcasters and rights. Hence the chances of hosting T20 World cup in Australia is virtually looking difficult.

Cricket Australia’s chairman Earl Eddings said that this year’s T20 world Cup looks unrealistic. He wants the world cup to be postponed and host in Australia on 2021 as it is difficult for 16 teams to come Australia, stay in 2 weeks quarantine and then play the world cup without any match practice. However, ICC has not officially taken any final call. They had conducted 3 to 4 meetings in the past 2 months but never came with the decision of future of world cup. After every meeting ICC, CA,rolex replica member boards and stakeholders explore options to somehow manage the finances. ICC wants the World cup to happen this year. In the last meeting in ICC has said to wait till 10th July to decide the fate of T20 WC T20.

Losses if World T20 doesn’t happen this year

  • Teams with less money (especially associated nations)

Boards like ECB, CA and BCCI won’t be that much affected by the finances however other countries like Netherlands, Namibia, Scotland, Afghanistan and even those countries which not part of WCT20 will also be affected.

  • Commentators

Payments based on number of days worked

  • Freelancers like camera persons, producers, directors, logistic managers etc

Often depend largely on the World Cup T20 revenue.


Meanwhile the Indian Premier League (IPL) was scheduled on March 29 but was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. The Board of Cricket Council of India is looking for a window to conduct the tournament this year. If the world cup gets postponed then BCCI can take that October-November window to host the IPL.

That particular window is ideal for conducting the tournament because IPL is not likely to happened for at least next 2 months due to increasing number of cases in India. However, Sri Lanka and UAE have both offered BCCI to host IPL 2020 in their countries. BCCI president Mr Sourav Ganguly said that he wants to host the IPL this year, but the lack of decision on the future of T20 World Cup has ran that plan of BCCI into some sort of trouble. Hence, they are waiting for ICC’s call to postpone the T20 world cup.

Losses if IPL doesn’t happen this year

 BCCI’S Losses

  • 3000 crore INR from Star Sports (broadcasting)
  • 1000 crore INR from Stadium advertisements

Franchise Losses

  • 200 crore INR annual revenue

Franchises also have spent 100 crore INR on player fees, hotels, flights etc.

  • 50-60 crore INR jersey sponsors
  • 8-10 crore INR gate receipts

Player’s Losses

Especially those Indian domestic players who often rely on IPL contracts.

Both IPL and World Cup are the important for the growth of cricket but only one tournament is possible this year. I would be very surprised if both the tournaments happen in the same year considering the amount of COVID cases.

Australia has managed to control the number of COVID cases whereas India is at its peak. However, we won’t see any much crowd in the stadium this year. All the matches are very likely to be played behind closed doors.

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