Sports in a pandemic scenario

Sports in a pandemic scenario

During the lockdown imposed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest challenge for athletes has been managing their mental health and sports careers

Most athletes spent their time under preventive measures put in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Athletes struggled with conducting proper training because of the restrictions imposed in most countries to contain the virus.

Not only does the lack of access to sports facilities and to a normal training schedule, but also the isolation from the athlete community, led to a struggle to stay mentally fit. The entourage members said they found it hard to keep their athletes well motivated.

Training under so many restrictions has been very gruelling. Training structure the athletes’ life; and the lack of structure due to deficient training has been affecting negatively their mental health.

As the coronavirus has spread around the globe in recent months, tournaments, games and other sporting events have been canceled, while others have been modified.

As cases rise in 20 states around the United States, pockets of student-athletes retuning to campus have tested positive. It accentuates the difficulty pro and college leagues face as they prepare for a possible fall sports season.

Many of the athletes who tested positive were asymptomatic, according to their universities. When students return to campus, they risk spread the virus and scattering outbreaks of disease in parts of the country with few cases. Some autumn games typically attract around 100,000 fans.

If there is a second wave - which is certainly possible and would be complicated by the flu season - football may not happen this fall.

Optimism that professional and college sports teams could begin to train and either resume or start their seasons is growing dimmer.

A rash of new coronavirus cases is emerging among professional sports teams and college athletics programs. The new outbreaks cover Major League Baseball, college football, and the National Hockey League, and span several states.

Because of precautions, there are few plans to include fans in the professional sports world. And the N.F.L. slate could be in peril as teams are hesitant about the start of training camps in July.

Meanwhile, college football faces its own problems. Houston football has cancelled voluntary workouts after six players tested positive, and Alabama, Auburn, Florida State and several other teams have reported cases among players.

Major League Baseball may not happen either. For weeks, team owners and players have disagreed on how to stage a shortened season. The possibility of no baseball season for the first time in 150 years has been considered.

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There are some glints of optimism. Professional golf, NASCAR and combat sports have returned; and tennis is expected to resume in August. Even though more as made-for-TV events than as anything resembling a collective experience.

While the leagues are preparing to play without fans and with limited staff in attendance, they cannot completely control private lives. Thus, there is alarm at the growing number of cases emerging as the larger gatherings come together.replique iwc