IPL - Tournament that revolutionized the Gentleman’s Game

IPL - Tournament that revolutionized the Gentleman’s Game

Indian Premier League (IPL), the glamorous baby of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), rather the baby of the then secretary of BCCI, Mr. Lalit Modi, began its journey in 2008. It was initially inspired from format of English Premier League – The ace soccer league, designed to be played in India - where Cricket is religion. At the beginning of first season, everybody was curious and skeptical what shape IPL will take, but in due course , IPL, filled with glitz and glamour, has proven itself to be extremely successful- not just good for businesses to make money, but also remains a big reason for the way the game is played today. 

The esteem of the IPL has been mounting with every season, entertainment packed with spectacular moments on the field that overwhelms the audience, setting new records and subsequently breaking them- thus setting the benchmark for T20 cricket and T20 leagues around the world. It has assisted cricket boards around the world appreciate just how powerful T20 cricket can be, and while Test purists might turn their noses up at the circus, its staying power has been something quite extraordinary. Thus, regarding IPL Brett Lee, the Australian speed-star told "If we look back in 10 years’ time, this is going to be a massive landmark in cricket I think. It's a bit like when the World Series started.”

At the beginning of the tournament, Indian cricket veterans were given the opportunity to lead the team for different franchise, however this concept of veterans didn’t withstand long. Over the years, youngsters have emerged as leaders of IPL team franchise, even for their country, like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, AB De Villiers etc. This distribution of leadership has helped the national team's dressing room get filled with leaders who are more than capable of handling pressure situations. Therefore, it’s obvious that the IPL has played big role in molding youngsters into potent leaders.

One of the best outcomes of the IPL every season is the list emerging unknown players, who have stolen the show from legends many times over the decade. Players like, Sanju Sampson, Sunil Narine, Rashid Khan, Rishabh Pant etc. have came out of nowhere to become stars in IPL as well as for their nation. Audience no longer chants for favorite legends, but also for those newcomers now Rolex replica. All these have become possible for the platform that IPL generates for young cricketers to showcase their talent and learn from seasoned campaigners, to further develop their skills by getting engaged in demanding situations on the field and handling pressure situation holding one’s nerves. IPL provided an overwhelming opportunity for the youngsters to learn from their idols, like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni- sharing the same dressing room, dugouts.

 The advent of T20 cricket and vast expansion in the IPL platform has given batsmen the opportunity to be more aggressive with the bat and to reinvent new shots to outsmart the bowlers with good shot selection, timing and placement. In this new era of IPL, rather the whole T20, chasing a 180+ score has become easy. It also gave big hitters a chance to show their power, talent and impeccable technique, which over time has been added in the history of the cricket books. Further fascinating is the fact that some of those techniques are getting applied into the 50-over format where a total of 320 is doable on a decent batting track.rolex replica

Just as batsmen, IPL paved novel path for the bowlers, outsmarting the views of Cricket pundits that the bowlers will now have nowhere to go. Bowlers are also getting smarter, adding variations to their bowling and often fooling the batsmen to rethink before playing big shots. This gave rise to new deliveries slower ball, carrom ball, the wrong one, knuckle ball, frequent and wide yorkers etc. Bowlers are trying to be as capricious as possible and those who succeed are able deliver conspicuous performances for their team in crisis situations. All those additions and alterations are quite capable to dismantle even a very good batting line up, if done correctly and timely. Those evident truths have made the franchise to bid high even for the bowlers, they understood over the time that batsmen can not only win matches, rather it’s the bowlers.

The mega success of the IPL over the years has paved way for other countries to host their own version of the tournament. We have witnessed the formation of the Pakistan Super League, Caribbean Premier League, Afghan Premier League and many more, though not as successful as IPL is. So, players who don’t get the chance to play in the IPL, still get the chance to play in these leagues- creating new opportunities to contribute in the Gentleman’s Game.

Coming to the financial aspect, IPL has generated a huge amount of revenue for the BCCI though sponsorship, adds, TV copyright etc, thus making BCCI the richest and therefore the strongest cricket board of International Cricket Council (ICC). The treasury of BCCI and ICC have manifold over the decade. Cricket, with generosity of IPL, have generated so much revenue, erstwhile only possible in soccer, tennis and golf earlier. It has helped players gain financial security and in due course become rich, which earlier was very limited. Marketers and administrators now appreciate the power of IPL has,rolex replica not just in terms of generating revenue, but also as a way of introducing new fans to the game, creating new job opportunities for many, in a country like India, that the biggest appreciation.

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