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As a registered user, whether you’re an athlete, hobbyist, enthusiast,o-fake aficionado or sports buff you can share and submit informative articles in a predefined template format relating to any sports game. Whether it’s wrestling considered the oldest sport in the world, dating back to 15,300 years ago, or Bossaball, the world's newest extreme sport.


Playstructions is one of the most unique and conventional ways of staying updated and informed about the world of sports while staying connected with like minded sports enthusiasts across the globe. Whether you live in New York City, The Carribean, Canada, Singapore, or Australia, with Playstructions the world of sport is at your fingertips!

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How To Share

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Playstructions registered community members can:

  • Open a discussion on anything related to any sports around the globe including must-have gear, as well as share analyses, history, stats, championships, etc.
  • Share their valuable wealth of information and knowledge through writing and  posting articles in a predefined template format
  • Discuss, comment, vote, like, and favorite, any sports topic that is posted on Playstructions